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Guide to learn how to get more life in Windbound

  Having a high level of life is the key to survive in Windbound, especially in survival mode because if you lose in it, you will start the game again, and you are not going to want that, right?

If you lose, the only things you can keep are your blessings, your saved items, and the knowledge you've gained. Anyway, starting over is a bit annoying so your interest is to stay alive as long as possible, especially when you face an enemy, which is when you run the greatest risk, all this influences the game, so we will teach you how to get more life so that you can complete it successfully. So stay tuned!
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    How to get more life in Windbound?

    In the game, there are red shrines that contain a red crystal. If you get to interact with the shrines and you will get a small but permanent boost to your HP for that race and you will see how it increases. Just what you want to achieve!

    Windbound has randomly generated maps every time you play, so it is impossible to give you exact locations.

    Even so, here we leave you some little tips that will help you when you are looking for them.

    You will sometimes find them on the main islands that you explore, but they are very rare. They are much more common off the beaten track. Although you don't have to sail into the blue in the random hope of finding one, it doesn't hurt to take it for a spin and explore.

    When you arrive at each island, you must be constantly aware of your surroundings because Windbound gives you small but clear clues about the areas you can reach. You may notice a single small rock in the distance, a small island, a coral reef that stands out.

    If you keep looking at the horizon while exploring each island and when traveling between them, you should be able to find a surge in life sanctuaries quite easily.

     Now that you know how to get more life in Windbound you can survive for longer in the game and resist as long as you can in survival mode. Luck!

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