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Our work for Windbound leads us to explain how to fix a ship in a world where it is highly necessary to survive.

What is Windbound?

  This is nothing more than a survival game in which we will play Kara, a girl who has been left alone on an island and must fight to survive, even when she knows nothing she will have to try to use some skills to live, and this implies the possibility of creating a boat that is vital for exploration, so when it presents some faults we must manage to fix them at all costs, because there is nothing more complicated than being in the middle of nowhere in a boat that does not work, because simply there will be enemies lurking, waiting for every slightest mistake to eliminate us.
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    How to fix a boat in Windbound?

     It is necessary to consider the type of boat that we have built, as some require different types of resources, some simple boats such as wooden canoes only require a little thick grass to be repaired, so it is vital to have them in our inventory, the idea is to get these resources before embarking on exploration adventures, some resources may be easy to get as they will be on some nearby islands.

     A repair is usually very similar to creating an item, for this it is necessary to enter the crafts menu and go to the option in the navigation part, it is also vital to get Kara to face the ship to observe the health she has , it is vital to be close since otherwise we will not have much notion about what resources will be necessary for the repair process, much less fix it.

     In general terms, knowing how to fix a boat simply allows us to have the opportunity to use some interesting resources in Windbound, at the end of the day it is an interesting and very necessary task whether we are at sea or not.

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