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Phasmophobia has more tasks for us, and therefore it is necessary to talk to you about the cursed possessions guide.

What are cursed possessions in Phasmophobia?

These are nothing more than a number of objects that have been incorporated into this game and that tend to act precisely as cursed objects, we must be careful when using them because they can have quite negative consequences, however, giving them a rational use allows us to help us in the investigation of ghosts.

What is the cursed possessions guide in Phasmophobia?

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    We must bear in mind that when starting the contract we will see one of the six cursed possessions on our map, these possessions are:

    • The music boxes.
    • The crushed voodoo doll.
    • The haunted mirror.
    • The circle of innovation.
    • The tarot cards.
    • The Ouija.

    We must bear in mind that each of these objects is usually used in a particular way, in addition each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which means that we must be careful when using them.

    It is our job to embark on a search for different places, this because each possession usually moves with a contract, it is ideal to be in charge of exploring the house that we investigate from the beginning, however, we must bear in mind that these possessions tend to exhaust sanity and this makes us vulnerable.

    Generally speaking, knowing the cursed possessions guide offers us the possibility of engaging in an indispensable search task in Phasmophobia.

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