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Spotify has some bugs and in this case it is good to explain how to fix Lyrics Not Working.

What is the lyrics not working in Spotify?

  This is an error that usually occurs and this platform does not allow to see the lyrics of the songs, this considering that adding the lyrics has been one of the most recent developments and that it is usually part of a unique, simple and interactive experience that has managed to permeate perfectly well among users.

How to fix Lyrics Not Working in Spotify?

  It is necessary to bear in mind that this function of the lyrics is usually available for all users of both iOS and Android, PC and consoles, only that there are some users who do not have the possibility of seeing the lyrics of the songs and in this sense, it is necessary to consider:
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    • See that there is the green microphone symbol, this can be displayed on the left side of the tail option and on the right side of the song time.
    • We must verify, some songs have the lyrics, which makes it necessary to try to reproduce a different song to confirm that there are lyrics.
    • Choosing to close the application and start it again, this can cause a refresh to take place and with this the fault is solved.


      We conclude this guide on How to fix Lyrics Not Working, so that this allows us to apply some of these solutions and thus continue to enjoy Spotify.

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