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Phasmophobia has more action for us, and this allows us to tell you about all weather types.

What does it mean to know the types of climates in Phasmophobia?

This game has an update where there are more activities, searches and elements of interest, in this case it is necessary to know the type of climates present, this makes it necessary to embark on some interesting challenges while we are immersed in the investigation of ghosts.

What is all weather types in Phasmophobia?

There are different climates here, and they are usually the following:
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    Clear Skies: This is the best time we can get because there is nothing that can interrupt us while we are in the middle of an investigation.

    Fog: this is another present climate and while it is true it is not the worst of them, it can make visibility outside difficult.

    Intense rain: this is another type of existing climate, and it is necessary to wait, in the meantime we can light a candle or activate a lighter inside, this is usually done while the weather passes.

    Light rain:
    this type of weather tends to make it difficult to search outside, in this sense, it is necessary to hide.

    Light snow:
    this weather can be complex because even when we use the thermometer to find the ghost, it becomes difficult because obviously everything will be cold, it is necessary to take other measures to locate the ghost.

    Strong wind: this type of weather cannot be seen, however, turning on something to light ourselves while outside is impossible, we must do it indoors and wait while the weather changes, also this type of weather usually occurs just before accepting a contract.

    Now that you know all
    weather types, it is time to take the necessary precautions to continue playing Phasmophobia.

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