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This time we return with a guide of Ooblets aiming to explain how to get more coins from the club.

How to get more club coins at Ooblets?

These coins are a small circle that will be shining on the ground, with which we can make an interaction with the A or LMB and so we will take it, these coins are actually very strange and we will be barely accessing them, most likely it is that randomly is that we are going to obtain, from the ground and in the different buildings that are located in Badgetown, so we must do the necessary explorations daily since they will appear randomly every day.

What can we do with the club coins at Ooblets?

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    At some point we will have the objective of setting up the club, by doing so we will have access to the different clubs that are in Badgetown, in these places we will use the coins, with the purpose of obtaining special objects from the club in which we are, in most of the time it is about consumables or some that are going to make us have better aspects, the item with the highest value from each club is ideal for us to obtain it, so having a reserve of coins for such purpose is the right thing, with them it is It is possible to enter the dance battles if no item requirement may be required, while we have progressed in the main story quests we will come to this point in the game worth remembering.

    It is evident that knowing how to get more club coins allows us to have more fun in Ooblets.

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