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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-23 17:00:39

More about: Paper Mario The Origami King

The enemies in Paper Mario The Origami King are swift and that is precisely why today we are going to explain how to beat the rubber band

Who is the rubber band in Paper Mario The Origami King?

As we progress in this game we find some enemies, some perhaps more formidable than others but enemies at last, specifically today we focus on talking about How to beat the rubber band, because it simply has quite complex attacks, which implies an interesting battle in Paper Mario The Origami King since this leads us to carry out a fight in more than one phase, because this girl is very particular because she is half diva but also half evil which makes her very particular and quite a challenge for us.
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How to beat the rubber band at Paper Mario The Origami King?

It is important to be clear that this process is carried out in two phases specifically, as each of these struggles has a crucial aspect since we are simply focused on destroying it, as it is the only way to succeed.

At this point we carry out a mechanic of the board, which really usually works as a triangle that allows us to propel ourselves up and down, having the possibility of reaching the elastic bands simply propelling ourselves to reach the lane, this simply implies the possibility of activate an elastic band that is usually very similar to a ball with which this phase ends because Mario will simply stumble, but this gives us way to truly start this battle that becomes interesting and it is because we will have to use the green button of large size as well as the possibility of using a magic circle whose object is to launch an attack of 1000 folded arms.

It should be noted that objects do not usually have any effect on the elastic ball, which gives our objective of knowing how to beat the rubber band a little more complexity, therefore it is crucial to understand that it is necessary to initiate an attack relatively close in the boss's ring, because the idea of ​​all this is to get very little damage and obviously avoid losing the turn because this would completely sink us.

Our need to maneuver is extremely crucial when we are using elastic bands, since keep in mind that Rubber Band simply has some formidable Paper Mario The Origami King attacks and they are:


  •  Rubber Ligation: This attack is simply strong and our job is to stay alert since it is an attack that focuses on preventing us from hitting for it.
  • 15 damage: this is an attack from which it is necessary to protect ourselves in any way since the Rubber Band was specifically in charge of pulling the elastic band backwards to cause us at least 15 damage.

We have already passed the first phase in our work to learn how to beat the rubber band and we concentrate on ending up beating it since it is obviously making life impossible for us, counting on that at this point we have already managed to reduce the health of this enemy in In a way, but this does not mean that this fight is over because it will come out with an interesting attack such as the Solo Snapback, it is an extremely strong blow that it is vital to take care of ourselves, so we have the good fortune that the board can release the rubber bands to reach the switch that is on and cause a magic circle thereby implying the start of the final attack in our fight to know how to beat the rubber band, we will take this rubber band and proceed to hit it on the ground, even when This one tries to dodge them simply a moment will come when she finally stops moving, we choose to grab her quickly and we choose to cause her an attack of 1000 br Aces doubled in Paper Mario The Origami King and with it winners.

 This is all you have to do in Paper Mario The Origami King, because as you will see, knowing how to beat the rubber band only requires agility and putting our skills into practice.

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