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Pay attention to the following article because it has everything you need to know about changing jobs in Miitopia.

  What is Miitopia?

The title belongs to the role-playing video game developed and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch users that was released just a couple of days ago. The game has a lot of jobs and if you want to try them all you will wonder how to change jobs, which we are going to tell you today.

How to change jobs in Miitopia?

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    The first thing to do is head to Karkaton Volcano when the time comes and visit any Miitopia inn, which allows you to change a group member's job on the fly, from the group menu.

    It does not matter if you change a character's job, as the previous one will retain the level and skills obtained. You can access a total of 14 jobs, two hidden and one in the later game.

      That's all you have to know about how to change jobs at Miitopia, we hope you can access all the jobs that you propose and get all the good they have for you.

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