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Delve into the universe of Genshin Impact because today we are going to tell you how to enter Tatarasuna.

What to know about Tatarasuna in Genshin Impact?

There is still much to discover in this game, such as secrets and hidden areas that we must find, this happens with the island Tatarasuna, only that to access it we must face a barrier that hinders us, so it is important to see how we enter here, to orient ourselves We have the content that will be presented in this guide below, let's see.

How to enter Tatarasuna in Genshin Impact?

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    What we will do is complete a world mission that will have us shoot this barrier 3 times using the different cannons that are found on the island, then we will start by accepting the mission of Tatara Tales World Quest from Toranosuke and Miyuki, which is Presents in the Kujou de Kannanzuka camp, then we will talk with Xavier, which will lead us to investigate some cracks that the barrier has, then being 3 search markers, once we have returned we will explore the same cracks again and With the cannons we will be able to break them, then we are asked to use our camera to take a picture of the storage device in the Mikage Oven, and we can return with it, in the end it is easy only that some Fatui will be bothering, but we will finish them.

    So we finished our guide on how to enter Tatarasuna, hoping that you get the best out of a game as busy as Genshin Impact.

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