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Destiny 2 Guide: new Menagerie boss Arunak

2019-06-12 16:11:34

Below, we present our guide on the new boss of Menagerie Arunak in Destiny 2.

The new boss of Menagerie Arunak in Destiny 2.

The first thing you will have to do is go to the Menagerie activity of Destiny 2, once there complete the same meetings as a week ago. When you get the most progress, you'll have to go to the Undercroft section in Destiny 2, where it spawns Arunak.

The head of Menagerie Arunak of Destiny 2, starts pretty well covered generating mobs to be around you. You will have to kill the cursed slave to generate the balconies that you will use to throw and break his super shield of protection. The battle against the boss of Manager Arunak in Destiny 2 reminds us of the battle against the boss of the corrupt strike.

Throw balls to the boss of Manager Arunak in Destiny 2, this will contribute to that his shield is destroyed much faster and to be able to attack the boss of Manager Arunak in Destiny 2 directly.

The Manager of Destiny 2 Manager Arunak will protect himself while invoking more and more mobs, knights and wizards. In addition, there is a secret triumph associated with Manager Arunak in Destiny 2. You will have to ignore the knights and end directly with the Manager of Destiny 2 Manager Arunak, this will allow you to achieve the secret triumph.

The truth is that we have been able to realize that Manager Arunak of Destiny 2 does not feel like something really new. In the same way we will have to wait to see what is new, if there is something new coming soon.

Remember that you can still cultivate the chest at the end, which you will have to open and run towards the back and climb the engine room. When you arrive, you will have to return exactly where you arrived and add a rune in your Chalice of Opulence and open the chest again.

If you follow such as we are indicating you could get seven or eight pieces of booty and additional imperial.

Once you finish with the Manager Manager Arunak, you will start searching for the Truth in Destiny 2 and when you complete it you will get an exotic search object, a piece of paper, which you must take to Petra Venj.

Destiny 2 NEW Menagerie Boss "Arunak" Week 2 Guide

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