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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-09 16:17:34

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We are back in the world of Minecraft and this time is simply in order to tell you how to build a grandfather clock

What is the grandfather clock in Minecraft?

 This is an interesting and attractive light sensor design, some very rarely work in real life, but knowing how to build a grandfather clock can allow us to have the possibility to elaborate some interesting designs, because in this game where construction is the epicenter of everything, it is simply necessary to use some household items to develop some designs that may become interesting, since the clock in particular can ring some number of times in a day thanks to the daylight sensor, which can reach at least one quantity of 24 times.

 There are some details that you need to know to know how to build a grandfather clock in Minecraft and they are as follows:


  •  Check that there is a window in the room.
  • Opt for a skylight that allows us to allow the sun to enter.
  • The clock chime will ring at each point of the daylight sensor signal.
  • The number of times the clock will ring reaches 24 in a day as long as the light sensor is 4 blocks from the window.

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What are the materials needed to build a grandfather clock in Minecraft?


  •  Clock
  • Bell.
  • Daylight sensor.
  • Observer.
  • Article frame.
  • 6 spruce hatches.
  • 1 dark oak staircase or slab
  • 1 or 2 solid blocks of dark oak
  • Optional two levers in case of playing the rock base edition.


How to build a grandfather clock in Minecraft?

 This is an interesting process that allows us to place 4 blocks on the ground and then we place the observer underneath the one looking above so that it can be visible from below, we proceed to place the daylight sensor in such a way that it locates in Somehow daylight, since 9 white cells can be detected on the top of the sensor, it is necessary to suspend the hood so that the observer can detect and update the level of the light sensor, in such a way that it allows to emit a signal to the bell so that it sounds, underneath it it is important to place a ladder or slab, because in this way our process of how to build a grandfather clock takes direction

 It is necessary to choose to place the hatches on each side of the clock, left and right, vertically aligned to form a type of walls, above the hood, then it is necessary to place the frame of the article in front of the observer to choose to place the clock there, once on the screen, will change throughout the day, in the same way that it usually works when we wear it in our hand, similar to a clock in real life, which leads us to understand that knowing how to build a grandfather clock is simply a fun task. Now, it is possible to consider letting the clock appear or choose to place the blocks to give it a wall appearance, this is merely optional, so we are not necessarily conditioned to do it in Minecraft.

 Playing in the Bed Rock edition of Minecraft allows us to have levers, highly necessary to know how to build a grandfather clock as they are useful to ensure that the hatches do not flutter, which allows us to place two levers in the blocks at the level of the bell , in such a way that it will be necessary to turn the levers to keep the hatches and thereby hide the walls

 Now that you know how to build a grandfather clock, it is time that you embark on this manufacturing adventure, as it is one of the great advantages that Minecraft has for us.

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