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With our help you will see that knowing How to find Armadillos in Minecraft is easier than you thought with this guide and its precise details.

What to know about armadillos in Minecraft?

We have the armadillo present in the game with the arrival of the recent update on April 23, 2024. Aside from their undeniably endearing appearance, these creatures also have a crucial role to play in the game. Here is a guide on How to find Armadillos in Minecraft, let's see the details below.

How to find Armadillos in Minecraft?

We find armadillos exclusively in the badlands and savannas biomes. Like other peaceful creatures, they can be seen wandering around these two biomes and their respective variants. However, be careful when approaching them, as any sudden movement, such as running or riding a horse, can scare the armadillos and cause them to retreat into their shells. By carefully approaching the armadillos, we will be able to observe them moving in groups of two or three within the biome.

How to breed armadillos in Minecraft

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To start breeding two armadillos, you must first obtain spider eyes. Killing a spider or its poisonous counterpart has a one in three chance of getting an eye, meaning we may have to kill some to collect enough for the reproduction process, just like other creatures we can use spider eyes to create a fenced area and corral our armadillos to establish a farm. This way, if we want to have some as pets, we can bring them home using spider eyes, just as we would with sheep, cows or pigs, once we have obtained spider eyes, we will use at least one on both armadillos to start the reproduction process. After they have met, a baby armadillo will appear, to which we can also offer spider eyes to help it grow faster.

How Armadillos Work

In addition to being charming beings, armadillos sporadically drop shields, a resource that we can use to craft wolf armor. If we have a wolf companion and we want to take it with us on our excursions in Minecraft, we can equip it with wolf armor to increase its defense, like normal armor. Like leather equipment, we can customize wolf armor by dyeing it to modify its tone, allowing us to show our artistic style. To do so, we simply place our wolf armor in our inventory or crafting table next to the dye to change its color.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to find Armadillos in Minecraft has been very useful for your fun and progress in this incredible adventure.

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