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In the universe of Destiny 2 we have many tasks, one of them is How to get an upward lens and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about the upward lens in Destiny 2?

Due to the festival of this year 2020, we have a new element has been added, it is the ascending lens, being one of the activities that we have to complete it is necessary to consider that to obtain it we must first obtain a total of 45 encrypted decoders and to have more details to help us know How to obtain an upward lens we are going to support ourselves in the following content.
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    How to get an upward lens in Destiny 2?

    It is necessary that we keep playing constantly to achieve the 45 decoders, this must be achieved before the end of the event, but we must also complete the races that are presented in the enchanted forest to use the decoders, being part of what we have to to do to obtain an upward lens, a team of 3 players may be the best option we will have to do this more quickly, by doing the aforementioned activities we will have to be summoned by Spider to the tangled coast, for which we will be awarded here with the upward lens among other things, now the usefulness of this is something unknown for now.

    Knowing how to get an upward lens is interesting, since it allows us to complete other activities and progress in Destiny 2.

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