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With our Phasmophobia guide you will learn more about Where is the Ghost Room.

What to know about the ghost room in Phasmophobia?

Certainly at this point we are aware of the need to collect evidence of paranormal activities in the game, for this it is important to know where the ghost room is, to later identify it, considering that there are 10 kinds of ghosts and we must look for evidence of their stocks, now the following details will help answer many questions, let's follow this guide closely.

Where is the ghost room in Phasmophobia?

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    What we must take into account is that everyone in the team has an EMF reader and a sound sensor, following the temperature is also key and therefore we will use a thermometer, going to the different areas of the building each of the members and verify the reading and temperature in these places, also with the sound sensor it is possible to capture any ghostly sound, the flashlights are useful in the search for the ghost room, taking into account the inspection in each of the rooms, we will arrive To have the results of those in which there is greater activity, if we want to do a more complete search the footprints can be of great value, this we will do with the salt, considering that for the spectrum it has no effect, this usually presents a reaction to this and these can be changed rooms so it is more complicated to face them, the room that contains the most activity with the EMF reader will be the one indicated to have the location gives the ghost room we were looking for, it is important to find it before losing sanity and for the ghost to enter the hunting stage.

    It is clear that knowing where the ghost room is allows us to progress and have more fun in Phasmophobia.

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