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The world of Minecraft Dungeons is not defended by anything or anyone, today we show you how to beat the first evocative boss

What do i need to beat the first evoking boss in Minecraft Dungeons?

Showing off and using our skills and attacks is the best weapon that we can have against this boss, since he is the first of those that we obtain in the dungeons, so our work is focused on achieving this with all the care possible for not fall into their clutches, as this would be much more cruel than we spend counting on what would be the end for our adventure.

What are the attacks of the first evocative boss in Minecraft Dungeons?

Normally the bosses are strong enough characters that have prominent attacks, but we cannot stay behind and we must fight to get some blows that are forceful enough to make them fall, in this particular case knowing how to beat the evocative first boss becomes somewhat complex because it is quite large and knows how to respond comfortably to it.

Evocators are bosses with whom it is possible to fight more than once in the game, these bosses are Moba type in Minecraft Dungeons and have the ability to use magic as well as the ability to create minions, it is necessary to be careful enough when we We face him, because he has an attack that causes enough damage, the ticks, this is because they have the ability to crawl and crush us, this is where we must fight to ensure that the attack does not reach us, because it is not pleasant to achieve it Since it ended up taking an unexpected turn and doing it against us, managing to get away and we were eliminated with the stroke of a pen.

Knowing how to defeat the first evocative boss makes us study the attacks that this enemy has, and the first of them is a frontal attack, doing everything possible to pursue us, a point of making us feel threatened, sending us a spam attack to persecute us, or simply a circular attack, we are likely to keep as far away as we could, this is where we can use the arc on Minecraft Dungeons it is necessary.

Another of the attacks that this boss usually generate is the sending of flying henchmen, these are specific that tries to persecute us, since they work as the boss's weapons but they have little health in reality but they can be of help to the boss since he seeks to corner us and This gives him an advantage to use the ticks and dock us, this is where knowing how to beat the evocative first boss is an indispensable task if we want to continue in the game, so let's focus on preventing the seconds from getting together and cornering us.
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    How to beat the first evocative boss in Minecraft Dungeons?

    With this and with any boss that we find in Minecraft Dungeons or in any other juice our objective will be to fight to get out alive always, in the particular case of this game it is necessary to take into account the attacks that this boss executes to get ahead of us and be able to cause Accurate blows that defeat us defeated, especially considering that this boss has a weak point and is the exact dependence entirely on the attack of ticks, which makes it necessary to maintain a certain distance from the main objective.

    It is necessary to make the henchmen unable to crowd, as they manage to decrease our health and thereby accommodate the brutal tick attack of the evocator, our job here is to know how to beat the evocative first boss and this leads us to fight hand to hand to eliminate the minions and disappear them to discard some enemies.

    Exploring the dungeon is possible but we must do it with great care, since the diner can launch a number of attacks on us, so it will be necessary to focus on using the script button but do it with caution, because it has another use and that is when we are going to jump.

    A fundamental tool to know how to beat the first evocative boss without a doubt is the bow, because we can locate ourselves at a comfortable enough distance where we can execute some shots, that is if we need to worry about locating the possible holes and that's where we will launch the shots Because artifacts emerge as a very useful tool in Minecraft Dungeons, it is only necessary to use them freely to cause damage.

    It is important to have some potions, because these can be of great help when we want to know how to beat the first evocative boss because it is possible that on some occasion we can get caught between them and as apparently they are not very fast with the precise moments to use the potions and move to a safe distance.

    With this we can conclude our guide to Minecraft Dungeons, hoping with that that the information about how to beat the first evocative boss will help you to get out of a big problem that we got in the dungeons.

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