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Knowing how to create and modify your avatar, in each social network is different, only today we will focus on Facebook.

Why create an avatar in Facebook?

This is not a very complicated activity and is part of the novelties and fashion, because it allows us to create a character and place some aspects that they can identify, with which it is possible to have a specific type of identity with our contacts and this implies being in the Wave, here we leave some simple steps on How to create and modify your avatar

What are the Avatars in Facebook?

Knowing how to create and modify your Avatar is not so complicated one when the first two phases can be somewhat complex, the important thing here is that the centers in the familiarity that you want to receive, since normally they contain some specific details, which can be a way of identification, because the main objective is these is to make it as similar as possible to you, because in reality even when it seems simply as an accessory it is to take into account these Avatars managed to fit perfectly well when they were incorporated by Apple in its App messages, the truth is that it actually takes some time.

Currently it is possible to have some considerable amount of Memojis by placing stickers on your image in order to make it be as similar to you, as it is only an animation where there is no other center of attention or protagonist than you, then Focus on the next steps on how to create and modify your avatar and give it a more personal touch.

How to create your avatar in Facebook?

To create this avatar it is necessary to take into account some fundamental requirements that Facebook has placed and are crucial.

  • Be registered in Facebook.
  • Avatars can only be created through the app without exception.

Now, if you already have these two fundamental requirements, it is time to go for the Avatar, you only need to access the Facebook application on the smartphone and there are two ways to edit it:
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  • It is possible to create only with the Avatar of someone in a comment, since it is only required to click on the blue button Create your avatar, and access.
  • Another way is to enter any publication, proceed to make a comment but not really comment, if you do not touch the smiling face, there it is possible to obtain a panel of options, it will only be necessary to touch the second icon that is easy to recognize thanks to its pink-purple color, and observe the blue button Create your avatar, which we must touch to enter directly and proceed to create ours.
  • To know how to create and modify your avatar, you must have entered an editor for Avatars, then you must click on next and from there start.
  • The first thing we must choose is the skin tone, here are options to choose from, then we touch below.
  • Personalization is essential, so it is vital to incorporate some of its own characteristics, which includes basic aspects such as hair color, color and shape of the eyes, since the objective is to make it as similar to you as possible.
  • When we are able to finish everything and that it is exactly similar, when we are sure that we are not missing any detail, it is time to finish and all we have to do is touch Done in Facebook.
  • Finally the avatar is generated, it will be necessary to wait a couple of minutes for it to be active, as soon as this is ideal, give it the blue button that says next and touch Done once again.

As you will see how to create and modify your Avatar are not complex, now the task is to give it the necessary use, in the panel it is possible to see it, then it is ideal to go to the upper corner on the right side where it is observed that there is a panel with Stickers, here are some interesting reactions that can be incorporated, because every time you feel in a specific way it is possible to place them, for example if you are happy about a celebration there is a reaction for it.

How to modify the avatar of Facebook?

Just as it is easy to create it, it is also possible to modify it, but you only need to enter the editor, allow you to follow some steps relatively similar to those used when we created, because knowing how to create and modify your avatar allows us to get a more personal touch .

  • Access to Facebook from the phone is required.
  • Opt for some of the two alternatives to modify, on the one hand there is the pressing of the blue button that says Create your Avatar, once it places us over the avatar of any other user in any publication or conversation.
  • Another way is to access a publication to comment, only we will not do it directly if we do not touch the button that is on the bottom right, there we can see an icon that allows us to open some stickers and touch Edit avatar.
  • We follow and observe a pencil icon, we touch it and we proceed to make all the changes that we consider necessary for the avatar of Facebook.
  • Any detail you want to delete is possible and this is done just by touching the trash can icon.
  • When we consider that there are no more changes to execute, we touch Done and we proceed to wait a moment for the changes to be applied, then we touch next and we will go to the panel of avatars, where we touch the cross of the upper corner on the left side and with this we leave the editor and that's it, in this way we already know how to create and modify your avatar.

This is all we can comment on How to create and modify your Avatar, because it is ideal for personalizing an image that is similar enough in Facebook, it is fun to make a mini you.

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