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GTA Online: How to complete Prison Break - Heist Guide

2020-05-20 10:22:57

Our walk through GTA Online leads us to explain in detail how to complete the prison break, let's see.

What do i need to complete the prison break in GTA Online?

  The first thing we should know about How to complete the prison break is that we must have some important elements and these are:

  •   Fleeca work is required to be completed.
  • Escape from prison involves a job for 4 men.
  • Wait for Lester to call us.
  • Rescue Maxim Rashkovsky
  • The prison break is worth $ 40,000.

What are the tasks to complete the prison break in GTA Online?

 To know how to complete the prison break, it is necessary to contemplate the possibility of doing 4 jobs, all are necessary and must be governed by a certain order.

 First task: the Plane.

 Preparing to escape from prison turns out to be an interesting task, so planning it well usually takes some time, since the ideal is to get it to be perfect, the first thing we must do is prepare the plane, for this we must have a player who Serve as a pilot, the other 3 remaining, it is kept together and they must use the vehicle to move to the Mckenzie airfield, only at this point it is necessary to keep your eyes open, since the enemies will not hesitate a bit to execute some shots, it is only necessary to eliminate them and get to the end of the runway, because that is where the plane is located, in this way we begin our main task on How to complete the escape from the prison

 One of the fundamental aspects about how to complete the prison break is to do it accurately and cautiously, for this it is necessary to take into account that the plane is piloted to the yellow strip, and with this get payment for the configuration, the ideal is to take into account that the track is completely empty, since the problems here are the last thing we want to achieve in GTA Online, after that it only remains to wait for a phone message where instruction is received on the following activity.

 Second task: the Bus.

 We have already got the plane and we have placed it on the runway, but the time has come to move to the second phase on How to complete the prison break, and this leads us to the need to meet in a montage, the good thing is that it is Easy to achieve, since it is necessary in the first instance to lose the police and shoot down the surveillance helicopter, since our task is to steal the bus in GTA Online and this is easy for us because on the robbery board we can get a GPS where describe the coordinates to locate it.

Third task: configuration.

 As long as we follow the steps in order to know how to complete the prison break our progress will be phenomenal, only at this point there are two events with which it is necessary to fight, on the one hand there is a team dressed as a police officer, here it is necessary to execute some actions fast, it is necessary to steal police files, but for this you have to steal a vehicle from them, so we will make a call and as soon as they arrive we will steal a vehicle with which we will go directly to the station, we will enter and stealthily without anyone being able to Notice we will steal the file, then we go back to the vehicle, we will burn it and leave without anyone noticing what has happened directly to the planning room.

 The next event is about the equipment of the cargo ship in GTA Online, our task at this point is to recover the vehicle, since with this it is possible to complete the mission, to achieve this it is necessary to open a container that has inside the vehicle and proceed to eliminate Absolutely all the guards of the ship without leaving loose ends.

Fourth task: assembly.

 Little by little we have been doing the necessary work to know how to complete the prison break, and we have already managed to get to the final job, there it is necessary to use our skills to get the briefcase of one of the lawyers, for this it is necessary to divide ourselves into Two teams, on the one hand there is the city council team in charge of eliminating the lawyers, but doing it is not as easy as writing it, so we must have agility to get to lose the police, our goal here is to get a vehicle that is what fast enough and thereby get past the cops.

The second team will be in charge of eliminating a specific target, we have the possibility of as soon as we start shooting it can come out and in this way we can eliminate it, this occurs in the GTA Online Mansion, although it is not an easy task because the place has a number of guards but we try to get it executed easily, after completing the work it is necessary to go back to the main room and thus begin the real robbery.

How to complete the prison break in GTA Online?

 Now that we have managed to carry out the aforementioned work, it is time to finalize the last details of the leak, taking into account that the 4 men of the team have simply played a fundamental role and at this moment each of them has a specific activity assigned and they are:

  •  The pilot.
  • The Demolisher.
  • The prisoner.
  • The Prison Officer.

 It is important to note that the 4 have important activities to do in GTA Online, since on the one hand the prisoner and the police officer will take care of traveling on the bus that has been stolen, while the pilot will take care of the plane and the wrecker He will do his best to destroy the real bus and get a helicopter and manage to make some time while the pilot manages to get out of the airfield with the plane at 2:40.

 While we are on the ground it will be necessary to get all the necessary implements between food and weapons, because in the remaining time we will receive a lot of fire, we will get ourselves with a number of guards whom it will be necessary to eliminate with the specific objective of reaching Rashkovsky, on the other hand It is necessary that the demolitionist use his abilities and manage to shoot down all the aircraft that can fly the skies, because they want to shoot down our plane and if they succeed, our objective of knowing how to complete the prison break could be affected, it is good to know that we can possibly get ourselves with some fighters, there it is necessary to evade them while the demolitionist will do his stunts to destroy them.

 Leaving the prison may not be so easy but if we follow all the correct instructions it is possible to achieve it in GTA Online, so it will be necessary to enter an armored vehicle to get out of the compound, this is where we get to see the hard work that the demolitionist will do fighting against the helicopters and protecting the armored vehicle while it manages to reach the agreed point where the plane is waiting, there the only one who will not enter will be the demolition and this is because he is still in charge of the helicopters, losing the people who have chased us as well as the police, after it has been achieved it is time to use the parachute taking into account that it is not ideal to die, as this would lead us to do all the work from the beginning in GTA Online.

 Obviously, knowing how to complete the prison break simply leads us to stay active and show off our heist skills learned in GTA Online.

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