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Our guide today on The Wonderful 101 Remastered will focus on explaining how to find all the hero heart fragments, let's see.

What are the hero heart fragments in The Wonderful 101 Remastered?

These are no longer the pieces of the burning soul of some hot-blooded hero, the job for us here is to get the location of these pieces, the detail is that they are hidden, so it will be necessary to prepare ourselves for an arduous task, the amount of Fragments that are available is 20, but just by finding 4 of them we are presented with the opportunity to obtain a large increase in vitality.

How to find all hero heart fragments in The Wonderful 101 Remastered?

The first thing to keep in mind is that they are a total of 20 pieces and what will be necessary to get them in a specific order.
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  • Fragment 1: This is the fragment of the building in The Wonderful 101 Remastered, to achieve this it is necessary to reach the building that is on fire, to get there it is necessary to be in Operation 001-To lower the bridge before starting mission 014, to It is ideal to use the ascent to get to the building and get the first piece we are looking for.

  • Fragment 2: We continue our journey to know how to find all the hero heart fragments, here we get the fragments of the clock case, for this it is required to be in operation 001-B, this involves eliminating all the enemies of the mission 006 and use the hammer to hit the box inside the piece.

  • Fragment 3: This piece allows us to achieve a jump to reach the ceiling where it is located, the detail is that it is not necessary to move much much that is in the same course of the operation previously performed, only that it is required to go to the stadium of the stadium and go up the stairs to get to the ceiling.

  • Fragment 4: We continue our journey through The Wonderful 101 Remastered and at this point it is necessary to fly in a ship to the south because the fragment is in the sky, for this it is necessary to defeat the Yu-Houghs, since it is a fragment belonging to Operation 002-A.

  • Fragment 5: This is one of the fragments of the vent since there are two here, our objective here is to manage to go inside the vent and this is achieved by making a United Ball, since we are heading towards the area of ​​the 3 grids in mission 001, For this, it is necessary to have a minimum of 100 heroes, as it is complex, especially since this is part of Operation 002-B.

  • Fragment 6: Second fragment of the vent, The idea is to get thrown into the vent, It is achieved the same as the previous one with the 100 heroes only that it is during Operation 003-B

  • Fragment 7: While we keep working on How to find all the hero heart fragments, it is good to be careful, since some may be lost, this particular one is careful because we must get it in the stratosphere so that it is necessary to be on mission 005 .

  • Fragment 8: We follow the right line of work in The Wonderful 101 Remastered and we arrive at the fragment where it will be necessary to make a chain of wonders towards the railing for our piece, being immersed in Mission 013 and within Operation 004-A.

  • Fragment 9: This fragment is located after the pillar, for this it is necessary to jump into the submarine once we have bet the Goos-Mass in Operation 004-B.

  • Fragment 10: We have reached the middle of our goal on How to find all the hero's heart fragments, but making it not so easy since we must use the ship to go northeast for our piece, but before doing so we you need to eliminate You-Houghs while we are in Operation 005-A.

  • Fragment 11: This piece makes us stay active, since it will be necessary to fight against the doors but for this it is necessary to hit the rotating box to place the piece inside, in addition to the fact that Wonder Black is in our team within Operation 005 -A.

  • Fragment 12: This is the fragment of the rock, our task is to hit it and break it to get to the place, it is necessary to go to a place where we will see that we correct the water in The Wonderful 101 Remastered, this fragment we obtained being in mission 001 within the Operation 005-B

  • Fragment 13: As we progress through the game we realize that knowing how to find all the hero heart fragments is an arduous task, this is a piece that is hidden in a circle on the ground, for this it is necessary to fight against Diedough-Goo because this allows us to place a slot while on mission 004, inside Operation 006-A.

  • Fragment 14: This is the fragment of the torches, because it is possible to get it in the middle of them, while we are in the fourth mission of Operation 006-B, with this we are learning how to find all the fragments of the hero's heart.

  • Fragment 15: Our The Wonderful 101 Remastered tour is not over yet and it is time to get the yellow box on the bridge platform in the second mission of Operation 007-A.

  • Fragment 16: This piece leads us to enter the vent, there it will be thrown at us, but this involves mobilizing to the area where we have fought against the Gurry Dooras within Operation 007-A.

  • Fragment 17: This piece is inside a red box, to reach it it is necessary to make a line on the side of the school and then on the platform, this is the fourth mission we carried out within Operation 008-A.

  • Fragment 18: This is a fragment that we must take once we have launched in the third mission and have activated the geyser, inside Operation 008-B.

  • Fragment 19: This is a piece that is inside the pink box so our goal is to embark on Operation 009-B in the second box room.

  • Fragment 20: We have reached the last piece, because I will know how to find all the hero heart fragments is interesting and we do this automatically, because it will only be necessary to have a fight against Jergingha while he is in Operation 009-C.

We can end our guide on How to Find All the Hero Heart fragments and thereby get some necessary supplies to continue our progress in The Wonderful 101 Remastered.

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