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We have made for you a Minecraft Caves guide where we will tell you How to beat a Warden

How to find a Warden in Minecraft Caves?

  It is necessary to consider that this is a hostile creature with great power, since it has 15 hearts of damage, in addition to about 100 hit points, because knowing How to defeat a Warden means facing the subject who usually guards the most complex mob of hostiles From the Headquarters either the Ender or Wither Dragon, to achieve this it is necessary to reach a cave that is decorated with flickering candles, this Warden is generally in the center and as soon as we have defeated it, it does not appear again.
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    How to beat a Warden in Minecraft Caves?

     To begin with, it is advisable to launch this adventure wearing armor, otherwise you will not be able to get out alive, as this is due to the strength of this Warden as such, in addition to attracting him when we throw some arrows or snowballs considering placing ourselves at a distance , for this it is possible to have an enchanted bow and above all that this is an infinite charm, since it allows us to have some amount of resources, on the other hand generating a blow with a Netherite sword can be an excellent option although it is necessary to make it clear , which to date is not fully proven that this can defeat it, however combining some attacks we can defeat it, which is actually our objective here.

     It should be noted that because he is a Warden he will have some developed senses, since hearing is one of them so we must avoid any sound as much as possible, however, there are points in our favor and that is that he cannot see or smell, we could also consider bringing a bed, this in case of dying to establish a spawning point, but our goal will be to concentrate on defeating it in such a way that it is not very complicated at the end of everything.

     Now that you know how to beat a Warden, it's time to prepare and start an interesting fight that we can only live in Minecraft Caves.

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