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Ambar Jimenez
2020-10-07 16:22:42

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In this article you can find everything related to how to shutar in FIFA 21.

What is shutar in FIFA 21?

It is basically the most basic shot you can do in the game and to do it you will have to press the Circle button on PlayStation4 or the B button on Xbox, keep it pressed to fill the lower meter of the screen. This type of shot has a few several, so this article will tell you all about how to shutar.

How to shutar in FIFA 21- Long?

To be able to make this shot you will have to line up putting yourself in a good position to make more shots. So it will be necessary to use fine firing power and the perfect intensity point is between 2 and 3 power bars.

For the success of this shot it is necessary to know well the player with whom it will be executed, since to do it well you will have to use the player's dominant foot and point towards the post with that foot.

How to shutar on FIFA 21- Chip?

This type of shot is perfect for when the goalkeeper strays too far from the goal, what he does is throw the ball over the reach of the goalkeeper and into the goal.

This trigger requires a trigger modifier, ie the L1 button on PlayStation or the LB button on Xbox.

So for its execution you will have to press L1 Circle if you are a PlayStation user or L2 B if you are an Xbox user.
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How to shutar in FIFA 21- Timed Finishes?

These endings are very difficult to master, however it is important to get it right as this will make your shot almost unstoppable.

In order to do this you will have to charge the power meter as you would in a normal shot by pressing the Circle or B button depending on your game platform. and make sure you kick at the exact moment and block the final timed.

That's what you need to know if you were wondering how to shutar in FIFA 21 and now that you know, we hope you get the most out of this type of shooting in the game.

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