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2020-10-07 08:59:00

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This time we return with a Destiny 2 guide with the purpose of letting you know How to get a horror story.

What to know about a horror story in Destiny 2?

  It is a legendary automatic rifle, which has arrived with the festival of the lost event, certainly since last year it has been waiting and finally it is here, it is one of the best weapons that exist in the game, what we will do It is to enter to play in the middle of the event and complete some objectives, for more details, only continue with the content of this guide is necessary, let's see then.
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How to get a horror story in Destiny 2?

 Our first move is to take a character who has at least 770 power to speak with Eva Levante, then they consist of the steps of the event, the enchanted forest is not possible to access this time, which makes it ideal that we do it previously before to begin, having it unlocked we will be able to get rolls of the horror story, it is necessary to know that this is through the decoders to unlock the cache, managing to get them through the falls of worlds randomly and also by completing those activities that correspond to the forest, with these decoders it is possible to access the caches of this place, when they are opened they can contain the scrolls of the horror story, it is important to have many decoders to open as many caches as possible .

 We hope that the information here on How to Get a Horror Story has been useful to have fun at Destiny 2.

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