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Knowing how to jump out of the water is one of the actions that can be performed while we are in Maneater.

Is it possible to get out of the water at Maneater?

The truth is that yes, it seems somewhat illogical because it is a game of sharks, but if it is possible to get out, without any problem that is possible it is mandatory, because sometimes it is necessary to jump because we must get some collectible, it is a complex process Because it is not nature but you can do, record that in this game 90 percent of the activities are done underwater.

How to jump out of the water in Maneater?

Getting around on land is not that complicated for a shark, although it is not its nature and this makes it difficult, it is possible that it may last for some time out of the water, there are some ways to get out of the water.
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Pressing the A button on Xbox, X on PS4 or Space on PC.

By executing some of these buttons it is possible to achieve a delicate jump, but the ideal is to be in knife mode and swim to the surface to launch ourselves directly outside, but in case the land can lean towards the beach, the panorama if it paints differently because it only we will swim to the shore and proceed to take a few laps.

Pressing LT or L2.

The second option to get out of the water is with a jump, it is only necessary to get it to be a place where there is not some type of barrier that can make this process more complex but in the same way it does not appear as an impediment, the only thing we will do is press LT or L2 and launch ourselves forward, the important thing here is to get to jump as high as possible and push yourself to get to the ground.

Obviously, Knowing how to jump out of the water is not a complex process, but it is necessary to know how to handle it well, since some collectibles in Maneater depend on it.

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