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Maneater: How to Get more XP

2020-05-25 09:04:52

In the Maneater universe we have many tasks to perform, one of them is How to get more XP and here we will tell you how to do it.

In Maneater it is of importance in the same way as in other games XP, since with this it is possible to quickly increase the level, activate the different activities this may be possible and that is why it is good that we know How to get more XP and the details in this guide will be presented right now.

What to know about XP in Maneater?

XP can be obtained from everything we do in the game in different ways, but we want our level to increase faster, it is necessary to have the options that allow it to be this way, taking into account that the same best XP gains, at continue reading we will have more details at our fingertips, so we must continue.

How to get more XP in Maneater?

Performing the objectives is the best option generated by XP, trying the simple tasks to perform, in history it is not necessary to end the game, but what we do additionally we will obtain the additional XP, at the end of the enemies is also another Option, from those predators with which we got into the sea or even from the alligators that are bigger than us and have strength, by defeating enemies with greater power than us, the XP with bonus will be obtained.

The enemies that are on the surface, the hunters, by killing them we not only gain XP, it is possible to increase our infamy with this, which attracts enemies with more power to overcome and the amount of XP obtained will be greater, the collectibles They give us XP, so exploring the 8 regions will be necessary to have them all, these are hidden where there are nutrients, taking as a reference the plates we get, they are all the options that to increase our level quickly allow access to XP .

This way we finish our Maneater guide, now you know how to get more XP, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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