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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Fix Crash at Startup

2020-08-11 08:31:57

Knowing how to solve a crash at startup is a necessary task to be able to enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn and here we are going to show you.

What are the causes of the error a crash when logging in to Horizon Zero Dawn?

  Bugs are a very normal detail in games and it is perhaps what determines them, the developers focus on making it a perfect job but there is always some element present that simply isn't, but like everything else, this has a solution, specifically Horizons Zero Dawn has had to face some crashes, because that is why it is necessary to know how to solve a crash when starting from these causes.


  •   The bug can be reflected if we are playing on Windows 7.
  • We do not have the necessary requirements, that is, we do not have DirectX 12.

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    How to fix crash on startup on Horizon Zero Dawn?


     Fortunately, we have the possibility to offer you several solutions, it is only a matter of trying and seeing which of these can help you, because knowing how to solve a crash at startup becomes a very important rarity since this is a game that truly has a lot to offer us and not It is possible to surrender for a failure that has an answer, then we leave the solutions for you in detail.


     Renew the graphics drivers.

     Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that requires keeping the graphics cards up to date, as it is a recent game and it is necessary to understand that it is necessary to access either the Nvia Game Ready Driver or the AMD Radeon Software Driver to update them, because some just because something outdated can avoid that we play and enjoy this game, in order to update the drivers it is only necessary to access the website of the manufacturer of that card.


     Terminate the applications that are not necessary.

     Knowing how to solve a crash when starting is simply a necessary task but, favorably for us, errors have an answer, sometimes we find that we have some programs that are not really useful in any way and these can make the game not able to run as expected. as it should be, for this we have this solution if it is the case.


     Delete Windows temporary files.

     Sometimes it is necessary to proceed to delete the temporary files because they can become corrupt, it is necessary to re-download the files because the previous ones can cause the game to crash, presenting this error in Horizon Zero Dawn and this is done in this way .


     Run the game as administrator.

     There are some opportunities where it is necessary to run the game as an administrator and Horizon Zero Dawn can be one of them, as there are occasions where the games do not necessarily work exactly the same way, since there is the possibility of having to have administrator permission, to this is necessary:

    Next, it is necessary to go to the compatibility tab to mark Run program as administrator, this also helps us to get the administrator permission of the Steam client.

    Restore game files.

     Sometimes we can get ourselves with the possibility that some game files may be damaged, because knowing how to solve a crash when starting allows us to answer this, doing it in this way:


    •  We proceed to launch the Steam client.
    • Next in the library it is necessary to click with the right mouse button on Horizon Zero Dawn to select Properties.
    • Next we go to Local Files to click on Verify Game File Integrity.
    • It is only necessary to wait for this process to be completed and then proceed to launch the game normally.


    Disable the Steam overlay.

     Knowing how to solve a crash when starting allows us to focus on more than one answer since this truly has several alternatives, especially this Steam overlap seems to be clearly related to the fall of Horiznos Zero Dawn, to solve it it is necessary:


    •  Proceed to launch the Steam client.
    • Then we will click on Library.
    • Then we right-click on Horizon Zero Dawn.
    • Next we select Properties and proceed to uncheck Enable Steam Overlay During Game.
    • Finally we close Steam and launch the game normally.


     Now that you know how to fix a crash at startup, it's time for you to try some of the options and tell us how you're doing, because it's not possible to get stuck in Horizon Zero Dawn when we have solutions for errors.

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