2020-08-11 08:25:31

Today we bring you a UFC 4 guide where we will explain how to change the angle of the camera.

What to know about the camera angle in UFC 4?

In the present edition of UFC 4, we are going to find that the camera angle that is predetermined is tighter than that of the 3rd edition, something that can avoid seeing the action properly as we were even used to, it is good that we have in Note that it is possible to make some modifications, for this we have to understand how to change the angle of the camera and in this guide will be the answers right now.

How to change the camera angle in UFC 4?

If what we want is to return to the camera angle that we had before in the 3rd edition of UFC 4, we only have to go to the settings tab for the gameplay, we access this option by pausing the fight or through the screen of start, what we will do anyway is go to configuration and click on the sub-tab of the game configuration, then we have to look for the camera style that is at the bottom of the page, placing the configuration in classic, or in If we want a lower option to the ground and center the fighters, we have the tight option as adequate, if it is with a more closed angle, the appropriate thing will be to put it in width or medium, and it will be according to our personal preferences.

  In this way we finish our UFC 4 guide now and to know how to change the angle of the camera, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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