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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-11 15:43:28

More about: Horizon Zero Dawn

The failures do not seem to give Horizon Zero Dawn a break and so today we are going to tell you how to repair a disk write error

What causes disk write error in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Errors are part of all games, because there is not one that has not had a failure at some time, only that some tend to present more problems than others, however, talking about How to repair a disk write error allows us to focus on a detail that is somewhat small but that particularly draws attention and is that this usually occurs when we choose to try to install some new files of a game on the hard drive.

There are some occasions in which specifically Steam cannot write new files leading us directly to a failure, as this is not something new since there are many more games where we find a series of inconveniences and this could end up being frustrating, here it is possible to ask ourselves the possibility of uninstalling and reinstalling Steam, however it is necessary to consider that this should be the last option.
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How to fix disk write error in Horizon Zero Dawn?


 Delete damaged files

.Some Horizon Zero Dawn files may be damaged and it is necessary to remove them to solve this error, this is done in this way:

  •  We must open the path Steam / losg / content_log, there we locate and open "did not write".
  • Then we move to the listed path to delete the files.


 Run Steam as administrator.

 One option to know How to repair a disk write error is to proceed to run Steam as administrator and this is particularly due to the fact that there are some options for which it is necessary to have some permissions and this is done in this way.


 Modify the download region on Steam.

 There are some times in which the download region can bring us some inconveniences and it is precisely there where the need to know how to repair a disk write error arises, for this it is necessary:

  • Launch Steam client, specifically in Settings and from there to Downloads.
  • We proceed to select a different region under the Download Region.

Run the Diskpart command.

 This allows us to have the possibility of writing and installing the game, for this it is necessary:


  •  Press Windows R.
  • When we open the dialog bar we proceed to type cmd and press Shift Ctrl Enter.
  • Then we proceed to confirm with Yes.
  • We write the following command and press Enter on each command.
  • We proceed to write Diskpart and press Enter.

Finally we write the disk number that we visualize above and the hard disk where the game is installed, having a single hard disk implies only placing the 0, the idea is to replace # with the number and press Enter.

 Now that you know how to repair a disk writing error, you can focus on trying any of those solutions, because some of them will help you and get you out of this problem in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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