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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-20 16:12:11

More about: Ghost Of Tsushima

 In Ghost Of Tsushima it is possible to get us with musicians so today we indicate you where to find Yamato

Who is Yamato in Ghost Of Tsushima?

As we progress in this game we find the opportunity to get some musicians, because Yamato is one of them, and this is directly related to the mythical missions that are scattered throughout the game and each time you start one simply indicates that it will be started specifically Yamato.

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Where to find Yamato in Ghost of Tsushima?

Mythical missions require obtaining Yamato and this simply allows us to make use of some random NPCs, as these mostly give us Yamato's locations, although sometimes there is a golden bird that we can obtain and this can be useful for us. locations where you can get it.


 Here we are offered the possibility of starting mythical missions and we exactly got 3 Yamato.


  •  First Yamato: The search for Unbreakable Gosaku will begin, since it is necessary to take a look at the southern settlement of Akashima, specifically in the center.
  • Second Yamato: This has the possibility to start the search for the Yarikawa Spirit of Vengeance mission to locate it is necessary to head west of the last battle of the rebels.
  • Third Yamato: This has the opportunity to begin the search for the mission of the Six Blades of Kojiro to achieve it, it is necessary to mobilize to the west of Umugi Cove since it is in this place where it is located.



 Our journey to know where to find Yamato allows us to visit some places, and this particularly only has a Yamato whose task is to start the search for the Eternal Flame, but to achieve this it is necessary to go to a bridge that is on the right this happens when heading north of the Jogaku Temple.


 Here we can get a total of 3 Yamato.


  •  First Yamato: This has the opportunity to start the search for the Heavenly Strike, for this it is necessary to go to the `waterfalls bridge of the river that is located northeast of the Kmatsu Forge.
  • Second Yamato: we continue our journey and it is time to get who begins the Mythical search for Tadayori, for this it is important to go to a small clearing south of the Rusting Bend river, as this is located specifically in the north of Tutsu.
  • Third Yamato: This is the last Yamato of Izuhara since this is the one in charge of initiating the search for Uchitsune, it is located on the cliff on the left side of the sauna building in the northeast corner of Hiyoshi Springs.


 Now that you know where to find Yamato it is time for you to take a walk through the mentioned locations and you can get it to start the mythical missions that Ghost Of Tsushima brings for everyone

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