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Genshin Impact: Where is Flora

2020-10-01 08:18:33

Guide to learn where Flora is in Genshin Impact

  There will be a moment in the game where you will have to meet Lisa, in which you must recover some expired books. You will visit various NPCs in Mondstadt to have the books returned to Lisa. An NPC named Donna works at the flower shop and she will tell you to talk to Flora to get an idea of the kind of flowers Lisa would like. Say you want to find Flora, stay to know more in this guide.

Where is Flora in Genshin Impact?

You will already know that Flora is the owner of Floral Whisper, the Mondstadt florist. You will see that it is only a girl, so you can find her in front of her store during the day. If you're talking to Donna and want to pick up some lovely flowers for Lisa, she will mention that you should get a recommendation from Flora. The confusing part is that Flora is not at the flower shop overnight. Therefore, it is best to advance the time to speed up the process.

You can do this by opening the weather panel by clicking on your avatar at the top left of the screen. In the menu, you can see a small clock. Click on it and a dial will appear. Change the arrowhead to any point between 9 a.m. M. And 5 p.m. M., And Flora will appear in front of your store.

Flora sells a variety of flowers, which are restocked every day. You can buy Calla Lily, Small Lamp Grass, Sweet Flower, Windsheel Aster, and Cecilia. Lisa's favorite flower is Cecilia; a flower gathered from the highest mountains. Now you know where to find Flora in Genshin Impact. Go out there and make sure you get Lisa the best gifts, if you want to impress her, sure.

 Now that you know where Flora is in Genshin Impact you can find her to ask for the perfect flowers to visit Lisa as you should. Luck!

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