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Genshin Impact: How to solve Luhua Pool Hidden Palace Puzzle

2020-10-01 08:29:40

Guide to Learn How to Solve Luh's Pool Hidden Palace Puzzle in Genshin Impact

  There is a moment when you find yourself in Luhua, in a pool where you will find a fire puzzle that you can complete. In this guide we will teach you how to solve puzzles of the hidden palace of the swimming pool to overcome it without any problem.

How to solve Luh's pool hidden palace puzzle in Genshin Impact?

Once you get to the puzzle area, head over to the small set of steps and activate the instrument there. This will cause the elemental fire switches to be displayed in the area. You will see that there are six of them, but we will only use three. Take your character out of fire and go to the center of the area. Out of the six switches, only three of them have full pillars behind them, these are the ones we are playing with.

Shoot fire at the middle pillar first, then the pillar to the right of the middle one, then wrap and ignite the leftmost pillar. After a few seconds the ground will disappear and you will start to fall on the ground.

Slide down to avoid damage, then stand in the center circle until fully lit. This will give you a current that you can use to get out without using fast travel.

Interact with the Hidden Palace to unlock it so you can fast travel back when you need it. This is a level 60 dungeon, so it might be a bit out of your reach at the moment.

 With this guide you will know how to solve the puzzle of the hidden palace of Luh's pool in Genshin Impact you will be able to complete the puzzle of this stage in the game to continue with this adventure.

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September 28, 2020
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