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Guide to learn how to solve the bird statue puzzle in Genshin Impact

  There is an area in Genshin Impact called Minlin where you can find a kind of puzzle that is found in the 3 bird statues that are in the place. In this guide we will talk to you in detail about how to solve it successfully.
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    How to solve the bird statue puzzle in Genshin Impact?

    The first thing you will have to do to complete the puzzle you will have to go to Qingyun peak in Minline. Climb to the top and interact with the object there to get some clues as to what you have to do. You need to find three birds and point them towards the top.

    Each of the birds should point towards Qingyun Peak but it will take a couple of seconds for the puzzle to turn off and the cutscene to activate. Turn the birds around and wait for them to actually do what they are supposed to do.

    If you did it right, a small cut scene will appear and a ray of light will come from the bird. Now go back to the top of Qingyun Peak and interact with the object there to get a stream of wind.

    Glide to the top of the stream and use your camera to look around you. Eventually there will be some small platforms that will appear near you. Get on those and slide back to the top of the next stream.

    Look around you again and climb the little platforms until you reach the top of the area and you will find three chests.

    BE CAREFUL WHEN OPENING THEM! If you are too close to the chest, some items may bounce off your character and fall into the abyss.

     Now that you know how to solve the puzzle of the bird statue in Genshin Impact you will be able to complete this stage of the game quickly to speed up the game. Luck!

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