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Guide to learn how to break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact

  One of the main missions that you are asked at the beginning of the game is about the liberation of a seal that is in a cement of swords in Genshin Impact. The sword is defended on all sides by three different Hilichurl tribes, and you must eliminate them. In this guide, we will show you everything you need to do to complete this mission.
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    How to break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact?

    The first thing you should do is see Dadaupa Gorge in the Galesong Hill area southeast of Mondstadt. Talk to Dr. Livingstone to start the quest line so you can get started. Three Hilichurl camps surround the Cemetery seal, and you must clear each one.

    All camps have a different element that you must use to light the altar. The south camp is Electro, the north camp is Frost, and the southeast camp is Fire.

    After clearing all three camps and activating each of the altars, you should get a cutscene showing the breaking of the seal. The Cemetery seal slowly dissipates when you clear a camp and light the associated altar. On the third clearing, the seal should be completely broken.

    Return to the sword Cemetery and claim the chest locked within the seal. You will see two large trees crossed over the chest. Make sure to climb to the top and collect the Anemoculus sitting on top as well.

     Now that you know how to break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact you can complete this mission and continue your adventure in the game.

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