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2020-09-30 11:13:00

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Our Genshin Impact guide lets us tell you how to get the battle pass.

What does the battle pass contain in Genshin Impact?

  It is necessary to understand that this battle pass usually contains 30 levels which means that it will be necessary to have at least 100 XP, this pass is divided into two levels, one called Sojourner and the other Premium, since they are somehow necessary to achieve the objectives corresponding to this game that has managed to achieve a considerable amount of public, only that to achieve it it is necessary to play a little, because this is not a task that can be done at the beginning.
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How to get the battle pass in Genshin Impact?

 Our first task is to reach rank 20, as it is the only way to unlock it, and this in turn leads us to carry out some activities that will need to be completed, because with them it is possible to access some rewards, above all it is much more feasible when accessing the Premium level of the battle pass, only for this it is necessary to have $ 20 for the current season that is scheduled to be completed in just 40 days.

 Reaching rank number 20 allows us to be able to play for a number of days which can become an advantage, it can even be done before the stipulated time, and from there we work on ascending to the point of unlocking the Gnostic Hymn by clicking on the button that It is located in the lower corner on the right side to buy it in the store of the platform that we are using to play.

 Definitely, knowing how to obtain the battle pass allows us to have more interesting tasks to do, the advantage is that we have a good amount of time to carry it out in Genshin Impact

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