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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-30 18:16:14

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The action continues in Genshin Impact, which makes it necessary to understand how to get noctilucous jade let's see.

Why get the noctilucous jade in Genshin Impact?

  There are an outstanding number of resources in the game, where one more than others brings with it a difficulty to find these, among so many we look for a specific one that will help us improve some weapons and characters, what we will see in this guide is How to obtain jade noctilucous, so let's get into the details.
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How to get noctilucous jade in Genshin Impact?

 It is a mineral similar to blue crystal, due to its size we will be able to detect it easily, considering that the only place where we will obtain it is in the Liyue region, in the caves that are near the town of Mingyun, it is necessary that we crush it with our weapon to take the pieces into which it is divided, south of the Wuwang hill and the stone door are the locations to consider also to get this important resource, if nature opposes, We will have another option through the merchant of the port Liyue Shitou, the cost of this is 1000 blackberries each, so selling something will possibly be necessary, we have that the merchant is the easiest option to get noctilucous jade but if not we want to spend the caves is the right thing to do.

 Knowing how to obtain noctilucous jade is very interesting, since it is possible to have a higher performance and fun in Genshin Impact.

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