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2020-09-30 11:23:25

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Many users have asked us how to download the 2 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare data pack and they will find the answer here.

What is 2-in-Call of Duty Modern Warfare data packet?

Now that the season 6 update of the game has been released, there are many players who are wondering how to access data pack 2, this is a necessary pack to be able to play multiplayer on PS4 and Xbox One, it does not matter if you already preloaded the seasonal update.
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How to download 2 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare data pack?

In order to access this data package you will have to access the game after downloading the latest update and starting the multiplayer mode, at this point the game asks you to download the data package and any other multiplayer package that is necessary, even if you were at day with game updates the normal thing is that you only have to download the most recent one.

If you were already a Warzone player, you will not have to install Data Pack 2 but you will need to install the Season 6 update to play online. The data pack is about 8GB in size, while the Season 6 update is about 20GB depending on your gaming device.

 That's all you need to know about how to download data pack 2 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, we hope that our article could have been as useful as possible for you and that you have gotten the most out of it. Remember that only this new season of the game, we already have a lot of content that will allow you to know everything that the new season has prepared.

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