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As we play Genshin Impact we realize that there is much to do and today we tell you how to find Crystal Chunks

What are the Crystal Chunks  in Genshin Impact?

  •   These are simply a type of material very similar to iron.
  • Crystal Chunks are an extremely valuable material used in many aspects of the game.
  • It is possible to get an interesting amount to be used.
  • They are similar to bright blue gems.

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    How to find Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact?

     This is a necessary task that allows us to give some considerable beating to the rocks to be able to extract it, it is necessary to consider that we must choose to destroy a few sections to achieve them and they are usually located in nodes in the caves, however, we must locate ourselves at the level 25 to 30 at world level 0, which could be a bit complex, since some enemies are strong enough that we will have to avoid them during our journey.

     It is necessary to get to Minlin and from there go southwest from Windwail Highland to Bishui Plain, then it is necessary to head west from Bishui Plain to Minlin and from here choose to track down the cave, as this area that is located on Mount Aozang allows us get Crystal Chunks inside nodes surrounded by water.

     This is everything you need to know about how to find Crystal Chunks, it is an interesting and very useful task that you cannot get lost in Genshin Impact, give it a try.

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