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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-21 03:11:56

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We are still immersed in another challenge in Fortnite and this time we will tell you how to use Drake's Map in Chapter 3.

What is the point of using Drake's map in Chapter 3 in Fortnite?

This map is usually favorable for us to get to a special chest that usually contains some valuable resources, so we must embark on its search in advance, this map comes to add to the list of aspects found in the item store.

How to use Drake's Map in Chapter 3 in Fortnite?

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It becomes necessary to take care of collecting the respective Drake map, because this allows us to have the ability to see the red dotted lines that usually flash in front of our character, and it is precisely these lines that are responsible for telling us about a chest legendary, this is usually located approximately 100 meters away.

It is important to use the map and to know that we are close, it will only be enough to observe some golden light from the treasure, this light is typically emitted from the subsoil, which leads us to take care of digging where the X is marked, we only have to have a peak, and when we complete the excavation we will have the treasure.

This Uncharted treasure chest usually contains:

  • An MK assault rifle, Legendary Seven.
  • A Legendary Striker pump shotgun.
  • Chug Splash.
  • Sales.

Now that you know how to use Drake's Map in Chapter 3, it's time to embark on this task and thereby gain access to necessary and valuable resources that Fortnite usually brings to you.

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