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Guide to know where to harvest stone in week 7 in Fortnite

  Now that we are in week 7 of Fortnite, as usual the new challenges to be met in the game are revealed to earn the much appreciated experience points. Among those challenges, there is one that is about harvesting stone, since it is not one of the locations named on your map so it will be quite easy to complete, especially for newcomers, but don't worry, this guide was made for you.
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    Where to harvest stone in week 7 in Fortnite?

    Rapid’s Rest can be found on the G6 reference grid, just east / southeast of Lazy Lake. Specifically, you'll want to look for a bunch of rocks and a smaller tower right next to the river, with a few canoes scattered around the place too.

    To harvest this stone here is simply to hit all the rocks around the area. You don't need us to tell you that though. Obtaining at least 200 stones can take a while to build up in one game, but this doesn't have to be done in a single game, so it can work over the course of a few games.

    Note that Rapid’s Rest is going to be very busy for the first few days that the challenges are live, as everyone tries to complete it as soon as possible. As such, you may want to leave this for a few days to make it even easier to complete the Week 7 challenge.

     Now that you know where to harvest stone in week 7 in Fortnite you can complete this challenge and continue with the others you will be missing this week. Luck!

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