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Fortnite: Where to find Henchmen locations

2020-02-21 08:09:57

Fortnite has many things and today we will discover one of them being this where to find henchman locations.

What to expect from this Fortnite season?

In this we will find many new challenges, focusing on the spies, we can perform infiltrations, where in turn we will perform such challenges consisting of causing damage to the henchmen, until we get to disguise ourselves at times, the location of these is vital, so we have our focus on this guide to find answers to where to find henchman locations and we'll see below.
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    Where to find henchman locations in Fortnite?

    Throughout the game we can place them in the following places:

    • The Shark, the top of the map to the northwest
    • The Yacht, the top of the map to the northeast
    • The Grotto, the center of the map to the east
    • The Agency, the center of the map
    • The oil rig, at the end of the map to the southwest

    These places are the meeting points of the henchmen, in the Grotto and the Shark it is possible that we face other challenges, such as the looting of ammunition or chests and even causing the minions damage by 2000, of all the locations, we have that in the Agency there is surely the highest pedestrian traffic, due to the central location of the map where it is, all locations have a head of the henchmen, we may be able to find a card key that will give us access to a special booty from a drawer, for the battle in these places we must be prepared, since anyone will stand apart from the NPCs.

    Knowing where to find henchman locations will allow us to meet many challenges to develop our game in Fortnite.

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    Survival, battle royale, sandbox
    Epic Games
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    July 25, 2017
    Co-op, multiplayer
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