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Fortnite: Where to find All Boss - Chapter 2 Season 3

2020-06-19 09:13:36

Guide to learn where to find all boss in Fortnite

With the new map and new updates it is more than obvious that this season they will also bring new bosses to the scene in this new season of Fortnite. New game bosses will be found as Jules, Kit and Ocean and as a tradition in the game area bosses are hard to kill, but they will provide some mythical weapons and a card to open the nearby Vault.

When you collect the access card, the path to the vault will be clearly marked on the screen and you should make sure to always keep it with you.

Where to find all the boss?

In this section of the article we will talk in detail about the heads of each area.

  • The Authority - Jules: Go to the Authority in the center of the map and locate Jules. For the most part, it seems in the plaza, just on the ground floor of the authority. Kill her, and she will drop Jule's Glider Gun and Drum Gun, a two-for-one deal on mythical weapons. The Authority Vault is located in the basement.

  • Catty Corner - Kit: The kit can appear anywhere near Catty Corner. Kit is a small cat with a large robot body, so be careful as he is armed with some powerful Mythical Weapons. It will drop the Mythic Charge Shotgun and the Mythic Shockwave Launcher. The Vault at Catty Corner is located in the outside courtyard of the main building.

  • La Fortilla - Oceano: Ocean can be found in Fortilla in the southwest corner of the map. Ocean will also drop the Bottomless Chug Jug, a Mythic Chug Jug that will never run out of shields. After use, it will recharge, allowing you to reuse it. La Bóveda is located in the northwest building of Fortilla.

The Where to find all boss in Fortnite is relatively easy, the detail is knowing how to deal with it once you get there, so find a good strategy using the information base we've revealed. Luck!

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