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The challenges in Fortnite continue and this makes it necessary to talk to you about how to mark weapons of different rarity

What is the purpose of marking weapons of different rarity in Fortnite?

This game allows us to have the possibility of carrying out a good number of challenges, in this sense, it is necessary to tell you how to mark weapons of different rarity, as this is part of a very complex mission in this game, and is called an “Epic of Bushranger ”, here we are asked to mark different rarities in weapons that involve only colors and to clarify it we are here.
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    How to mark weapons of different rarity in Fortnite?

    These are the weapons to mark:


    •  Common weapon
    • Rare weapon
    • Rare weapon
    • Epic weapon
    • Legendary weapon
    • Mythical weapon
    • Exotic weapon.


     Now going fully in, the first four rarities easy to get by NPC are usually gray, green, blue, purple and gold, in fact some characters allow us to make improvements with gold bars for us, however, it is quite favorable to make use of "The Reaper" in Fancy View, there is also the possibility of starting with a common weapon, gray, it is vital to mark it and from there talk with the reaper, this allows to improve it to rare, in this sense, it is necessary to throw it to the ground In order to mark it again and improve it again, this process must be repeated until you get 5 rarities, which implies reaching legendary, only that this requires having a good amount of gold bars.

    There is a need to mark another rarity and this makes us focus on finding a mythical weapon, in this sense, it is necessary to go to the master of glyphs Raz, this is in Tha Spire, normally he usually drops a mythical bow, which makes that we go to look for him implying with it to win and eliminate the teacher to mark the object that he dropped.

    To finish it is necessary to mark an exotic weapon, so this leads us to pick up the mythical object of another different character, fortunately there are several so we can take the one that we consider favorable, in this case we are going to talk to you about Burnout and to find it it is necessary to go south of Sreamy Stacks, only that this leads us to have the amount of 600 gold bars, as this usually sells The Dub and is somewhat expensive, however, having the resources it is possible to buy it and drop it to the ground to mark it, with it we complete this mission.

     In this sense, knowing how to mark weapons of different rarity allows us to complete another mission in Fortnite and take advantage of this season that is simply interesting.

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