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Fortnite: How to Deal Damage to Henchmen - Tips and tricks

2020-02-21 14:42:52

Knowing how to deal damage to henchmen allows us to go one step ahead of our enemies in Fortnite.

The arrival of Fortnite with its season 2 has brought many new challenges that we will face, with changes included in its format, we will now have it visible in the battle step menu, here we will find the various weekly tasks to do, in this time one of the challenges leads us to seek answers as to how to inflict damage on the henchmen, for this we do the following reading

What should we know about this challenge in Fortnite?

This challenge is that we cause damage to the henchmen, opening some doors through the identification scanner, what we have to do is go to the country of the eyes, here we will find one of the headquarters of the Agency, precisely in the center of the map, if we want to make this challenge this will be the right time because it is not an area that is busy at the moment and something we will initially do is disguise, see more information below.
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    How to deal damage to henchmen in Fortnite?

    We will use a telephone booth to disguise ourselves, outside the agency we will have access to one, we will see it close to the large statue and the flags, when we enter the cabin we will put on the henchman costume, with this we can access the doors that have scanners to enter this way, because it will open when we approach these when we scan, it is ideal that we do not have other players nearby, we have to make an interaction to open the doors, this way it is possible to achieve it, it is also possible that let's hurt a henchman and look for access to the door when loading it so that it is scanned, so we are talking about a different option to disguise ourselves and having to locate the cabins to do it, only that it brings with it a greater risk for the time that we will take in dropping the henchman.

    In conclusion, we can say that this Fortnite guide is finished, in which it contains the explanation of How to deal damage to the henchmen, thus completing another of the important challenges that have been presented to us.

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