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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-07 01:33:53

More about: Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has just come out and shows us some errors, let's see How to fix Audio Bug or No Output Sound.

What is Audio Bug or No Output Sound in Dying Light 2?

This is another error that we get in this game and that becomes somewhat tedious due to problems related to sound, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to correct the audio error and no output sound, fortunately they exist some solutions that can be applied and it is particularly about this that we bring this guide.

How to fix Audio Bug or No Output Sound in Dying Light 2?

Choose to open the sound settings: this is one of the fixes that may well be applied for which we must:
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Choose to restart the PC: this is a solution that we have, this is because on some occasions a restart can generate a refresh and in this way we can get out of the error.

Choose to check the audio output: this is a first fix that we must execute and this implies:

  •  To change the output device, all you have to do is click the right mouse button on the volume icon on the PC's taskbar.
  • Then we need to click on the dropdown in output.
  • Next, we proceed to choose our output device for the game.
  • In the case of using headphones, it is necessary to take care of selecting them.
  • To finish we close the window and that's it.


 Update the driver of our USB device:
this is another fix that you can implement to know how to correct the audio error and no output sound and for this you must:


  •  Connect the headset to the PC and right-click the speaker icon on the taskbar.
  • Next we will click on “Sounds” and then on the “Playback” tab.
  • Next, we right-click on our device and then click on “Properties”.
  • Then, we click on “Change settings” to proceed to click on the “Update driver” button.
  • We must choose the PC file controller and then choose the USB device.
  • Next, we click Next so that it installs the driver and to finish we restart the PC.


 Execute a configuration of stereo sound settings: this is another of the applicable solutions for this error in Dying Light 2 and for this we must:


  •  Right-click on the speaker on the taskbar and then click on “Sounds”.
  • Then we click on the “Playback” tab and then click on “Configure”.
  • We must take care of choosing the stereo audio and click “Next”.
  • We then test the speakers and then click “Finish” which brings this setup process to completion.


We conclude this guide on How to fix
Audio Bug or No Output Sound, so that it will only be enough to take care of applying any of these mentioned fixes and thus continue enjoying Dying Light 2.

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