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Angel Marquez
2022-02-07 01:50:00

More about: Dying Light 2

With our Dying Light 2 guide you will learn more about how to fix error code CE-34878-0.

What to know about error code CE-34878-0 in Dying Light 2?

It is a problem that affects the correct functioning of our PS4, this occurs when our game is seen with problems, without being related to the console, when we encounter this error it is very opportune that we know how to correct the error code CE-34878 -0 and with the following content the doubts are clarified, let's see.

How to fix error code CE-34878-0 in Dying Light 2?

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The basic thing is to restart our console, but if after that we still have the error with Dying Light 2 we have to consider other options, it is first important that we have the console and the game updated, for this we will go to the home screen of the console , we look for the game by entering its options, here we check the updates, when we see that the updated game is found, we will go to the console system by entering System Software Update in the menu and restart our PS4.

When we encounter this problem, it is ideal to consider on How to correct the error code CE-34878-0 that the hard drive of our console may be failing, so it is necessary to install the original hard drive again and restart, also if we have a PS connected camera must be removed, just like facial recognition, for the latter we go to the configuration, in user we enter the login configuration and deactivate the option that enables facial recognition.

In case we do not get anything, what we have left to do is initialize our PS4, for this we go to the startup settings, we look for initialization and we choose to initialize, what will happen is a reformatting of our console, eliminating everything, it is possible that It is appropriate to wait for the patch that can solve the problem, because this option becomes extreme, now if we make a backup of our data via USB, PlayStation cloud or any other form of backup we can do it safely.

 In this way we finish our Dying Light 2 guide, now you know how to fix error code CE-34878-0, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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