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2020-12-18 08:46:38

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The action does not stop at Destiny 2, so today we are going to explain how to make strange cookies.

What are weird cookies in Destiny 2?

It is a gift that we can obtain while we are at the sunrise event, which will be for Xur, so they have to be done early so that we can deliver them on Friday, with such availability until Tuesday when the reboot, we cannot let the weekend pass us if we do this task, so we have to understand how to make strange cookies, and it is the details that come next we must follow.

How to make weird cookies in Destiny 2?

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It requires some ingredients like butter and electric flavor, where the butter is obtained from enemies found anywhere, only the lost sector of Hallowed Grove can be a great landmark for it, allowing us to get this very quickly, being 4 or 5 what is necessary, considering the hit of the lake of shadows in the EDZ can be ideal too, all the way we meet the butter enemies, now for the electric flavor we get it when killing to the enemies with the energy of the arc, where the arc skills will play an important role in this search, since by using the arc subclass and going to the blind well or the altar of pain allows us to make many bodies for this resource , once we have the ingredients we just have to make the combination in our oven to make the strange cookies and give them to Xur.

So we finished our guide on How to make strange cookies, hoping that you can get the best out of the fun that turns out to be Destiny 2.

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