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We are back for Destiny 2 and it is in order to explain to you how to disable the security of the crypts

Why disable crypto security in Destiny 2?

The arrival of the most recent expansion of the game leads us to know how to disable the security of the crypts, in such a way that this allows us to know about the operation of the same and with it choose to destroy some tubes that are scattered in two rooms.

How to disable crypt security in Destiny 2?

  Our work to achieve this objective leads us to consider the possibility of destroying a total of 6 tubes, only that it is not an easy task but somehow necessary, so knowing how to disable crypt security leads us to:
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  • Get that the room is usually divided into 3 sections, which implies a light area, a dark area, and a basement.
  • It is possible to observe that at the end of the room there is a locked area that is narrow enough that allows us to move between the two areas, however, it is possible to access the basement through this lock.
  • Access to the basement area is not possible when there is another operator inside the lock.
  • Accessing the basement area is only possible when we manage to activate the keyboards by shooting or simply by Meleeing in Destiny 2.
  • Before starting the encounter or during the DPS phase it is possible to travel between light and dark, this is because there is a door in the middle.
  • There are a number of 10 keyboards located in the basement so that 5 of them are on the left side and the other 5 on the right side.
  • Dark and light areas usually have around 4 pillars with glass underneath that can be seen in the basement area.
  • In each section of the room, it is possible to get terminals, specifically, there are 3 located in each section.


 Here are the weapons needed to disable crypt security in Destiny 2:


  •  Whiterhoar is used as the main weapon and usually has a subclass that is the Automatic Rifle with overload rounds.
  • One Thousand Voices this recommended weapon usually features the Lament, The Legend of Acrius as a subclass.
  • 2 Well of Riddance is subclass 1 Dawn Neighborhood.
  • Fourth Horseman This recommended weapon possesses an Automatic Rifle with overload rounds as a subclass.


 With all the necessary implements we are finally going to get into our objective about knowing how to disable crypt security, in such a way that it is necessary:

  •  Choose to divide ourselves into two teams of 3 in order to be sent to the respective areas after having obtained the flag.
  • Allow a player to take the opportunity to Operate a surge station at Destiny 2.
  • Collect and check all the window panes that are under the pillars as this allows us to see that the basement keyboards are on so that we can number them as we deem necessary, as long as the hacker in the dark area drops the Scanner increase, this usually occurs as we eliminate enemies.
  • With the Scanner magnification, it is necessary to make use of the Magnification station.
  • If it is not possible to make use of the augmentation station, then it is important to take a look so that there is not a single servant alive in any of the areas.
  • Choosing to let a player take and repeat is a task that may be possible as long as the Scan increase passes with all servers down.
  • We must go to the basement to shoot the 4 keyboards quickly, a task that the Operator must perform in just 60 seconds, and eliminate some enemies so that this is going fully into our task to know How to disable the security of the crypts.
  • Killing the guy in the basement leads to having to send another Disabled Operator boost, such that firing the wrong keyboard is not an option.
  • To receive the Scanner increase it is necessary to shoot the 4 keyboards correctly since the Operator will send the Operator increase.
  • The tube that is glowing will need to be damaged by the players above, as we have very little time to do this here, as the Scanner below is looking at the upper sides of the magnifying station.
  • We must turn off all the tubes in a short time and proceed to place Ward of Dawn and Well of Riddance to destroy them.
  • Our work to know how to disable the security of the crypts does not require any other damage cycle so that it will only be necessary to make use of projectiles and the four horsemen.

 This is all you need to know about how to disable crypt security, so just follow the prompts and you can continue your journey through Destiny 2.

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