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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-11-25 15:34:09

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For this article, we prepared everything you need to know about how to get all the SSD Speedway puzzle pieces in Astro’s Playroom.

What is the SSD Speedway puzzle about at Astro’s Playroom.

This is a puzzle that you will have to complete at SSD Speedway, where homage is paid to previous PlayStation games and consoles. Again you can find up to four pieces per level that will allow you to complete the mural in PlaySation Labo. So pay attention if you want to know how to get all the SSD Speedway puzzle pieces.

How to get all the SSD Speedway puzzle pieces in Astro’s Playroom?

On how to get these pieces, we have divided the article into levels, so that it was much easier to find each puzzle piece depending on the level you are at.

How to get all the SSD Speedway puzzle pieces in Astro’s Playroom? - Turbo Trail.

When you start the jump level you will have to turn around and onto the platform, jump on the glass and bounce to the first puzzle piece.

Then head over to the second DualSense controller and fly to the hang glider, move right and fly through the loop to get the second piece.

Then when you reach the second phase of hang gliding, you will have to fly towards the center of the X made of coins to have another piece displayed.

Move left on the platform until you find a secret path to a Silent Hill landmark behind the robots working on their carts. Beyond that is the last piece of the puzzle for this level.
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How to get all the SSD Speedway puzzle pieces in Astro’s Playroom? - Caching caves.

When you reach the rocket you will have to shoot up and go into the caves until you find a hole in the ground through which you will have to go until you find the first piece of the puzzle in this level, some coins and a Vib-Ribbon reference.

The second piece will be after finding several dynamite robots on the ground. At this point you will have to climb on them to make them explode, which will reveal a flesh with the puzzle piece and some coins.

When you see electrical cables sticking out of the walls you will have to move down to the right to find the third piece under a spider web.

When you remove your rocket suit, you will have to jump to the right before you can pass the door in front, but push yourself over the glass to get the last puzzle piece in this level

How to get all the pieces of the SSD Speedway puzzle in Astro’s Playroom - Deep Data Space.

When you leave the room with the puzzle piece from before, you will have to advance through the grass that surrounds the rock to the back where you will find a puzzle piece and some coins.

Then go back to the door and go right when you are facing. Press square and hold to charge a spin attack and stand in the middle of the three flower-shaped screws. Release the attack so that the platform can rise and find the second piece of the level.

Move on until you find a bounce platform that will launch a robot into the depths below, make the first bounce by jumping to the right to find a crystal box and a LittleBigPlanet reference. On the left side of the reference you will see a small indentation with the third piece of the puzzle.

At the next checkpoint, you will find another dynamite robot, at this point, you must use the momentum to set it on fire and explode the ground that will show the last piece of this level.

How to get all the SSD Speedway puzzle pieces in Astro’s Playroom? - Orbital obstacles.

Again with the rocket suit you will have to explore to the first asteroid, this will fill with water and allow you to find the first piece of this level.

Then head to the next checkpoint and go through the electric mines on the right around the asteroid to find an entrance with another puzzle piece.

Then down the main path you will come to a red circular room with electric mines spinning around you and a puzzle piece right in the middle. You will have to calculate the movement and control the impulses to get it.

When going up the hall from the previous piece, you will see a room trying to launch you to the electric floor or mine below, at this point you will have to use the momentum to get the piece that floats on the floor.

 So ends our guide on how to get all the pieces of the SSD Speedway puzzle in Astro’s Playroom, we hope it has been useful to you and you can complete this puzzle quickly now that you have the location of all the pieces you need to find.

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