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Knowing how to get cement paste is an interesting task that we will explain to you today in this Ark Survival Evolved guide.

What is the cement paste in Ark Survival Evolved?

This is simply an object that must be achieved, since there are two particular ways to obtain it in such a way that knowing how to obtain cement paste makes us embark on looking for some amount of necessary materials, however it is also possible to find it naturally, in such a way here we tell you how to get it in any of the two existing ways.

How to get cement paste in Ark Survival Evolved?

  To obtain this object it is necessary to make use of some method, however, it is an idea to choose the one that requires the least effort, so that below we leave you the possible options you have, indicating the first as our best alternative and these are:
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    • Achatina: Achatina usually produces a substance that can perfectly well be used as a sub-site for cement paste since it produces a substance called Achatina Paste.
    • Giant Beaver Dam: It is necessary to have the possibility of doing it with some prudence since by doing it regularly beavers can go crazy, as they usually have large amounts of Pasta from the Dam inventory, which is possible to loot.
    • Beelzebufo: With this, it is possible to make cement paste for which it is necessary to convert materials harvested from Meganeura and Titanomyrma.

    Next, we will talk about the necessary items to produce cement paste, as it is necessary to have some particular materials and these are the following:



     This resource is usually harvested from some creatures in such a way that our best bet is to use a tamed Megaterium or Saber Tooth to take it since it is a resource that can be harvested in any of these critters:

    •  Meganeura.
    • Trilobites.
    • Titanomyrmas.



     This is another necessary resource to make cement paste that leads us to have to make use of an ax or a domesticated saber tooth and with it get the keratin of some specimens such as:

    •  Carbonemys.
    • Triceratops
    • Stegos.
    • Ankylos.



     This important resource can be harvested in some large rocks, for this, it is necessary to make use of it.

    •  Mortar.
    • Chemistry bank.
    • Pistil.


     Mortar and mortar implements:

    •  8 stones.
    • 4 keratins.


     Chemical bank implements.

    •  4 keratins.
    • 32 stones.

     Now that you know how to obtain cement paste, it is necessary to go and make a favorable recipe to continue our progress in Ark Survival Evolved.

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