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We have already resolved several errors of the new PS5 and today we will tell you how to fix error code CE-117722-0.

What is PS5 Error Code CE-117722-0?

This is an error that is accompanied by the message "An error has occurred in the PlayStationTM Now streaming connection" and is related to a problem with the PlayStation Now streaming connection.

How to fix error code CE-117722-0 in PS5.?

The first thing we recommend you do is make sure your internet connection is stable enough.

You may need to reconfigure your Internet connection by restarting the console and connecting using a direct wired Internet connection.

Check the signal to the console when using a wireless connection and make sure there are no obstacles that could interfere with the signal.
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    Restart the router or modem unplug the power cables for at least about 5 minutes> then press the power button for 10 seconds> then connect the power cable and turn on the device normally.

    Make sure the router's firmware is up to date and if it isn't, contact your internet provider.

    Try downloading the game again and verify that the device has enough available storage space.

      That's all you need to know about how to fix error code CE-117722-0 in PS5, which should be more than enough to correct the problem in one go, so we hope it has and will continue to resolve More trouble from Sony's new console so that you can have the best experience.

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