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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-11-20 15:57:28

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This article is for everyone who still doesn't know how to beat the godslayer in The Pathless.

Who is the godslayer in The Pathless?

It is about the boss that you will have to face during the final battle of the game and taking into account that there are a series of stages through which you will have to enter to defeat this enemy, you better pay attention so that you know how to defeat the murderer of gods in The Pathless.

How to beat the godslayer in The Pathless?

If you wonder how to beat the slayer of gods in The Pathless, you have to know that in the first part of this battle the boss will not appear. But until you make your way to his corrupted island in the sky, he will attack you, break your bow and corrupt your falcon as he did with the other spirits of the High.

At this point you will have to escape towards the tower while dodging the corrupted hawk using the jagged rocks to avoid being knocked down. In the tower you will have to give a blessing to the statues to grab the Moon Bow of the spiritual realm
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From this moment on you can face the boss, who does not have an attack pattern, however, there are some movements that you should avoid at all costs.

When the boss swings his sword and sends a flaming blow towards you or plunges his sword into the ground to send a wave of fire towards you, you will have to jump to dodge and then run to avoid the second hit> then you will have to shoot an arrow towards him at the right time and after several hits he will start building a charged attack.

At this point you will have to shoot directly at the symbols of the highs on each side of the boss and then shoot with a loaded arrow, at this point the final boss will summon the falcon again so get ready to take cover.

Repeat the process at least a couple of times, then shoot each Tall One symbol twice before you can attack. You will then have to shoot each symbol three times before shooting an arrow.

Each successful shot on it will ignite an obelisk causing the falcom to crash.

At this point you will have to clear your fellow falcon with the circular button to change the corruption of the God Slayer and be transported to another kingdom.

Move through the fog until you find a ray of light in the distance, run to these and activate them to be transported to the island.

You will then have to jump and slide to avoid crushing motion. He shoots his hands when they hit the ground and then shoots arrows into his eyes while dodging his attacks and pops his eyes out so he can do the charged attack.

Shoot the target until you can attack with your falcon and then your finishing blow.

 Thus ends our guide on how to defeat the godslayer in The Pathless, we hope it has been as useful as possible for you and you have managed to complete this final battle and manage to beat this boss quickly.

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