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2020-11-19 08:12:44

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Our tour of Genshin Impact lets us show you today how to find Meteorite Shard

What are Meteorite Shard in Genshin Impact?

These are simply some necessary objects that must be obtained and are usually part of the Unreconciled Stars Event, this event lasts only 14 days which it is necessary to make the most of, this event has some rewards such as coins, of In such a way that it is necessary to finish it quickly to increase the possibilities of opting for the coins and all the rewards that it may have for us, because knowing how to find meteorite fragments allows us to embark on an interesting search to which it is necessary to focus on making use of a particular character such as Fischi.
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How to find Meteorite Shard in Genshin Impact?

This tour leads us to embark on some places in this game, since we have the possibility of being able to get a considerable amount to qualify for the rewards in such a way that we only enter the following locations:

Lake Starfell: this is the place where it is possible to locate the largest number of fragments, which embarks us to address this place in the first instance, and in this sense, it is necessary to start our search process in the north statue of the Seven and from there continue the journey to the west and go down.

Qingce Town: this is another location that we must visit and usually contains a total of 20 fragments, this search leads us to locate the town starting our search process in the north where the farmland is located and proceed to go west to finish going down to the bridge that transports us through a path to complete the search for this area.

Guyun Stone Forest: in this area it is possible to get a total of 20 fragments, and our starting site is the North Pass, so it is vital to teleport to this place, go east and continue descending in search and harvest.

With the fragments in our possession it is necessary:

  •  Open the Event Summary tab.
  • Enter Unrecognized Stars
  • Proceed to touch Event details.
  • Enter Unknown Star
  • Finally choose to take our respective reward.

 In general terms, knowing how to find Meteorite Shard allows us to have the possibility of entering the most recent event that brings us Genshin Impact.

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